Photography Tuition

1. What am I offering?

One-to-one day courses for experienced photographers who want to challenge themselves creatively. This is not a ‘how to’ camera course.

I teach a technique I have refined over many years. The technique is a mixture of theory and practice. The theory element is analysing  your work, my work and referring to my photobook collection. The practice is about simplifying the photographic process whilst becoming an advanced practitioner in the areas that matter most. Concept, Composition, Light Reading and Realisation. Wrapped around all that is Awareness of Your Process so you can repeat it and make the photographs you want to, whenever you want to.

Photograph of woodland
Light shining on dark surface

2. Who do I teach?

People over 18 who already practice photography and have work to show me before the course. This is not a camera course so you will need to be confident with your digital camera.

If you are working on a project and want to include it in your day then please ask so we can discuss how best to do this.

3. Where do I teach?

We start the day at my home which backs into the woods and overlooks Weston Bay. We will look at a variety of your photographs and discuss your process and techniques. We will use my work and my photobook collection to inspire ideas and learning.

4. Lunch

Before we go out making photographs I will prepare our lunch. I offer three choices which are specified on the booking form.

DSCF0536 copy sharp from raw On One 1 web 700
Sky with clouds

5. Which locations do we use?

You have a choice between The Woods, Sand Point, Sea Front, Uphill Boat Yard and Nature Reserve or Brean Down.

6. Review

When we return from the location we will have a cup of tea or coffee and have a look at the photographs you have made on location. You can decide which ones are successful and I will offer my opinion and guidance.

7. Is there any follow up?

After the course you can send me 10 photographs by WeTransfer and I will offer my opinion and some guidance where necessary.

8. What do you need?

You need lots of enthusiasm, an open mind and interest in getting outside your photography comfort zone.

Before the course please send me 10 photographs that best represent your photographic practice and interests. Send by WeTransfer please. I will not open memory sticks or other on my computer.

Wild flowers
DSCF3641 Enhanced NR copy sharp from raw web 700

9. Why book me?

I started my professional photography career in 1993 in Bristol. Alongside my professional practice I taught photography at Watershed Media Centre Bristol and at Soundwell Further Education College.

In 2004 I opened Andalucian Photography Holidays in Spain where I offered 5 day landscape courses.

In 2008 I opened Make Better Photographs in the UK and ran APH and MBP alongside one another.

10. How much does it cost?

£400 per day including lunch and transport to and from locations.

The day starts at 10am and finishes at 4.30pm.

Booking Form

If you would like to book my photography tuition please complete the form below and I will contact you to arrange convenient dates and payment. Please go to WeTransfer to send your images to me, please use in the ‘To’ field.

    Please indicate your preference for lunch.

    All food is vegan and gluten free. Coffee, English tea or peppermint tea and filtered water are also available.